CloudFlare Minification

I recently started using the CloudFlare CDN for my webhosting (Ubuntu 10.4 LTS, PHP 5.3.8, Litespeed 4.10). I was having trouble getting the Symphony backend to load after logging in. It would take forever and then finally come in. The same process in my development environment did not have the lag.

I believe that the javascript minification that CloudFlare can do was causing the problem. Once I deselected the js minification, the backend login process completed normally.

Hope this helps others along the way.

Thanks for the heads up. We've been looking at CloudFlare for a couple projects. This is definitely useful information.

Thanks, could be useful here, too. I've used CloudFlare on a site before and it went well. Haven't tried with Symphony yet.

Let me update here: My company's website is also running on cloudflare and Symphony 2.2.3 and does not have the hang logging in to the backend. I have JS, CSS and HTML minified.

My thought is that there has got to be some sort of extension that is on the backend of the site that had the hang that is conflicting, i.e., not minifiying well with Cloudflare.

I'll keep this thread posted if I can definitively identify where the conflict lay.


This is Damon from CloudFlare. The solution to this would be to exclude the admin url from CloudFlare, which can be done with a feature called Page Rules (we have seen some back ends not play nice with our optimization features, so that's why we developed page rules).

To get to Page Rules: 1. Go to your settings (settings->Page Rules) 2. Put the admin URL in the box (example:*) You should be sure to put the * at the end of the admin. 3. Turn off the CloudFlare performance and caching features using the toggles and drop downs (bypass cache, etc.).

This should fix the issues in the back end. If not, please let us know.

Bueno. Thank you very much, Damon. Will try that out.

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