Ah well it's my first foray into ES, basically there was a page with Session data using browsercap - updated the library and increased memory limit seems to work, pushed updates as well so it should wrap it up I think. I'll give it a try over the weekend and push a PR maybe.

Hi All

Has anyone managed to get ES working on Sym 2.5?


Well, it's just software. But pretty cool, all in all. :-)

@michael-e Fair enough :) I’ve actually never used it …

Hi all !

I am very sorry but I'm new on symphony, so excuse me if I make a big mistake.

Could somebody explain to me how to display results please ?

I tryed a lots of configuration : - elasticsearch/entry - data/elasticsearch/entry - create a custom data source with {$ds-elasticsearch} in the System ID value

And nothing is displayed !

Thanks a lots ! litLeb

litLeb, do you have the datasource working properly? Is the elastic search data within your debug XML? That is when you append ?debug to your url.

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