This is an enigma for me ... Perhaps you are kind enough to give me some hints.

I want to implement a shop. The Client must be able to add as many types of products as he wishes (from T-shirts to fishing polls and knives) and must be able to create all sorts of characteristics for each one of the types (size, manufacturer, color, blade type etc).

Of course, not all characteristics should be available to all product types (there's no need of blade type to a T-shirt).

Any clues on how I could implement this?

Thank you.

I feel an interesting extension to provide a Barcode field could be useful in some case, e.g. generate barcode.

You could create a separate section for Product Categories, and have a Select Box Link field link from the Products to the Product Categories section. Client can then add new categories in this section and they'll appear as options in the Product section. This also gives you more flexibility in the future to expand the Product Categories section (add description, image etc)

I created the Meta Keys extension exactly for the purpose of characteristics, give it a whirl :) It supports filtering by key or value, and you can specify a default set of characteristics as well (which can be removed as well). The 2.2.x edition uses custom duplicators, but the updated version for 2.3 is all core styling.

Hope that helps.

Rowan's breadcrumb and breadcrumb UI for categories, and Meta Keys for arbitrary pairs of attributes.

Well, thank you very much @brendo and @nick.

What if I need all this stuff to be multilingual? :)

Damn ... I'd really want to make it happen in Symphony ...


This word should be banned/censored together with Joomla.

This word should be banned/censored together with Joomla.

Agreed! I had to work with Joomla a couple years ago and I wish I had spent the time figuring it out just creating the necessary extensions for Symphony.

What if I need all this stuff to be multilingual? :)

For multilingual sections could you use Subsection Manager using Subsection Tabs?

As of version 2.0 this extension bundles a second field type: Subsection Tab. It provides a tabbed interface of subsection entries that is well suited to manage multilingual content.

If all the fields on a product page need to be multilingual this would be a good option I assume?

I would love to see someone try to implement multilingual using SST, it seems like an elegant solution, especially if you can filter entries by 'tab' (which I assume is possible?)

Magento is a great solution with a lot of possibilities and not too difficult to set up, if you need a shop with different payment solutions, it's a good choice.

Of course everybody prefers a clean and simple Symphony solution, multi-language has become quiet easy thanks to Vlad-G and Nitriques. In combination with a jQuery shopping cart...

If you want to set this up, you need good CSS, jQuery, Symphony, Symphony extensions knowledge, php knowledge to customize events..

Brendo and all the Symphony contributors are doing a great job keeping the framework simple and up to date!

Maybe we should also work together on new ensembles like a simple multilingual shop, ...

Guys this is an old thread, since then a lot has changes within Symphony and maybe in the near future a few more cart related extensions will crop up. I've worked on a few solutions myself, where Magento wouldn't have been suitable.

Btw to create a shopping cart experience in Symphony you don't need a jQuery shopping cart, there are extensions which can help you keep session data in symphony and are more robust than implementing a solution with jQuery.

The Storage field extension is a great tool for storing Cart data. Built a few using this method.

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