I'm trying to upload a bunch of mp3 files into a section, but it's behaving strangely.

If I edit an existing entry, clicking save reverts the entry back to original state and shows the old file (a dummy PDF). If I create a new entry, clicking save will just refresh the empty template.

This is on a 2.3 install, and I have tested with both the native upload field and the Unique upload field.

I also tested on a 2.2.5 install with the same results...

Is there some trick to audio files? Am I missing something obvious here??

Thanks in advance.

The files are simply too big.

Check your host's limit and Symphony's limit:


yea that was what I thought originally too. One of the first things I did was up the Sym limit and max upload limit. Still no dice though. I have uploaded files double what these audio files are (only around 20Mb) no probs.

How's your PHP? I suggest stepping through the upload field code (where it performs the validation and subsequent store/move of the file) to see where it's returning. I recall the same result with FLV files, where a blank MIME type was sent by the browser, but that was fixed around Symphony 2.0.3 I think.

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