Ok, I've cast your suggestion into a pull request.

I’m flattered, cool, thanks :)

Symphony 2.3.1 Beta 2

We now have a Beta 2, which is packed full of juiciness ready to make your day!


  • New Event types can now be created by extensions extending the Providers concept introduced in 2.3
  • Fields now have ExportableField, #1394 and ImportableField interfaces that allow fields and extensions greater control and flexibility about how data can be imported or exported from Symphony
  • #1092 - Improve handling of missing or renamed extensions, Symphony will now offer to rename the folder correctly for you using the extension.meta.xml file
  • Core Email API improvements including modifying the #753 envelope and #721 persistent connections
  • Add a new delegate, AdminPagePostCallback, that allows extension to enhance or modify the backend page

There's also a heap of bug fixes and minor improvements which are detailed in our release notes


As usual, if there are any issues, post in the forum or add them to our Github tracker

Epic win.

The grab function of DataSources has been deprecated, renamed to execute. This actually happened in 2.3, but now it's documented :)

Good to know.

1092 - Improve handling of missing or renamed extensions, Symphony will now offer to rename the folder correctly for you using the extension.meta.xml file

This right here is cool beans.

When will the final release be available?

Today is a pretty exciting because the Symphony 2.3.1 Release Candidate 1 (try saying that 10 times fast) is available for testing!

This point release packs in a number of performance, security and usability improvements to make your Symphony experience more enjoyable and reliable. It also has some nice under the hood changes that will aid the migration to the next major release.

Read the release notes

If there are no major bugs or issues, this version will be released as 2.3.1 on September 29th and during Symposium 2012.


Something wrong? Post on our forum or in the issue tracker

After a short delay and some last minute bug fixes, the 2.3.1 Release Candidate 2 is now ready for testing. If there are no major bugs, the 2.3.1 release will occur on October 19th.


Just downloaded RC2 and I can't login anymore. After I press the login button, the login page loads again without errors.

Yeah, sorry, this was raised on the issue tracker. You may have the new Cryptography classes installed.

If so, check this post for reference.

The problem John is pointing to was related to new installs but there is also an issue when upgrading to 2.3.1.

In the meantime you can regain access by running the upgrade, then setting your password hash to any MD5-ed value you like and logging in using that password. It will then be upgraded to the new method and should work without problems.

Ah ok, I never knew about that one. Was that related to the Cryptography stuff too or a separate issue?

Yeah, related to it. I've pushed a fix; it should be in RC3.

Might be a good idea to have an RC3 release as soon as possible, right?

2.3.1 RC3

In the release of RC2 there was a slight mistake that caused users to be locked out of their installs if they did not run the update to RC2 from their previous version. Because this may have prevented some users from testing the version, a 2.3.1RC3 is now available for testing.

It contains a few minor fixes, detailed in the release notes. If there are no major issues, this version will be released on October 24th, 2012.


@brendo - thank you!

No worries, apologies for the delays to this release!

@brendo - no apologies necessary! Thanks to you and everybody involved in pulling together this release!!!

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