I'm in London until August 27th if anyone would like to catch up for a beer/tea/coffee and chat about Symphony. Open to anybody, from the experienced to the newbies, even agencies, I don't mind :) At the moment I'm in the Euston area, but I am happy to go wherever the tube takes me to meet up.

Hmm … tempting. I’m actually moving to England on August 22! I got a job teaching at a school in Norfolk.

If others make plans to meet up with Brendan between the 23rd and 27th, I’ll try to come into London and join you. It would be cool to meet up with some other Symphonists! I don’t want to make any promises, since I’m not sure how much free time I have or whether I’ll be settled in enough to make such a trip.

Hi Brendo. I'd love to hook up at some point next week (13th - 17th). Daytimes would suit me best. Perhaps you could email me and we can arrange a time and place.

Just to keep people up to date, Stuart and myself are meeting at the Google Campus on the 14th. I'll be sporting my Symphony shirt and an Australian accent if you're trying to find me on the day :)

I may be there around lunchtime. Will let you know.

Only just seen this. Do you have any other plans before you go?

You're a little late there.

He said he was around until the 27th.

He's in Ireland, then back for one evening, then off round Europe.

Ahh - ok. Thanks for the info.

Hey moonty, as John said I had a change in plans and am now in Ireland. I'm back in London on Sunday evening but not sure I'll have enough time to catch up as I have an early train to Glasgow in the morning.


Make sure you go to the Bushmills' distillery :-)

I'll be in Berlin from the 20-22 of September if anyone would like to catch up for coffee/beer and have a chat :)

@Brendo, what other places will you visit?

  • Braunschwieg 22
  • Erlangen 22-23
  • Munich 24-25
  • New York 26-27
  • Boston 29-30
  • Toronto 3-5 (maybe)
  • San Fran 17-18 (maybe)

Then I'll probably just enjoy my last couple months travelling with friends :)

Too bad, that's exactly the wrong part of germany (it's where Michael lives) :)

If you change your mind and visit Holland, give me a shout, and I can show you around!

I'm in Munich from the 27th. Doh!

Nick, drop me a line if you like to meet.

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