Hi all,

Just launched a new website built in Symphony (v2.3) to my web host and discovered something really strange: the homepage will not display and simply times out.

I've managed to figure out that the reason why this is happening is due to the dynamic XML data source linked to it (a Twitter feed). When I remove this from the homepage page it shows just nicely.

I've launched this same site to another server for testing purposes and didn't have this problem, is there something I've missed on this new host? Could the dyn xml data source code be trying to write to a folder it doesn't have access to?

To try and fix this I've done a chmod 777 on the manifest/cache, /tmp and /logs folders...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You may be hitting Twitters rate limit from your shared host? Make sure you have set a cache time on the data source and that your XSL checks the feed exists before processing. I have had to switch to a client side ajax based twitter feed before.

Hmm.. hadn't thought of that.. The host is unfortunately not shared, there's a couple of other sites on it that I've done, but they certainly wouldn't be hitting the limit of twitter requests. Interestingly another Symphony 2.2.x site on that server is requesting a twitter feed in a similar manner but not having any issues?

Thanks for the ideas though!

Silly me... Should have done this earlier but just had a look at the debug and wouldn't you know:

<twitter-feed valid="false">
class failed to acquire a lock, check that
exists and is writable.
<error>Transformed XML is invalid.</error>
<item>loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input</item>
<item>loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input</item>

The weird thing is that the tmp directory indeed exists and is writeable (777 permissions)... ?

Could ownership of the folders in question be to blame? If the website itself hasn't got permissions on the folders, I've encountered something similar before.. setting www-data as user and owner of folder solved read and write issues for me. Maybe worth a shot?

Thanks - good idea. I'll take a look into that. The other thing I've noticed is that my test host is running PHP 5.3.6 while prod is at 5.2.12... I'm thinking it may be a PHP version thing?

I've got a Twitter rate-limiting issue that might be related and I'm trying everything I can; what does setting www-data as user and owner of folder mean and how can I do it?

Tim, if you have a look in the cache table there is a hash column. If you take each hash, md5 it and then look in your /manifest/tmp/ directory, does it exist? It will be named md5hashhere.lock.

I'm getting this error:

<error>The <code>Mutex</code> class failed to acquire a lock, check that <code>/tmp</code> exists and is writable.</error>

Not sure why it is looking for /tmp and not /manifest/tmp. Any ideas you guys? Running on 2.5.0.

On my local install (and once on the live server) I am getting this error for the same Dynamic XML datasource:

<error>MySQL Error (1054): Unknown column '971b7185f8c81b11abeb3dd1f340883c' in 'where clause' in query: DELETE FROMsym_cacheWHEREhash= 971b7185f8c81b11abeb3dd1f340883c</error>

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