A new extension, "Rich Text (Redactor) Text Formatter" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Hi, it is very nice extension. Is possible to set another language then US ? Send me some info how to change it... On web of redactor.js is some option ... but in symphony it should be different..


@remie - can't wait to try it out! Very nice!!!

@remie, your extension works with old version of Symphony (2.2.3 - 2.2.5) when you add the about() function at the top of the list of functions in extension.driver.php

public function about(){
            return array('name' => 'Formatter: Rich Text (Redactor)',
                         'version' => '0.9',
                         'release-date' => '2011-09-16',
                         'author' => array('name' => 'Remie Bolte',
                                           'website' => '')

Beautiful work! I have some old sites where I can't move to 2.3 yet because of incompatibility of specific extensions. I can use Redactor in place of TinyMCE and CKEditor on those sites, by adding back in this public function about().

NOTE TO NEW USERS: Do not make this change for Symphony 2.3 and above. This is a hack to get it to work in Symphony 2.2.x branch.

@wyrm: I will be adding the language files and other options in the next version.

@bzerangue: Thanks for testing this, and I'm glad you like it. Would you mind if I didn't add this to the extension and just let your comment stay in the forum thread for those who need 2.2.x support?

@remie - sure. I just thought I would post that comment for those who were still stuck on 2.2.x.

Looks good, I had made a Redactor extension for myself a while back for personal use and do remember a specific flag to have the editor use xhtml.

EDIT: I wanted to find it for you, and it seems they may have removed it, too bad.

Glad to see someone making this an official extension! Some options would be cool, I'd love to enable the "Air" mode. Thanks.

@adam: I will be implementing all options in the upcoming release.

Regarding the XHTML: I have opened a support request for this.

Update: I just got confirmation that they will make their current HTML5 implementation XHTML compliant in a next update. So basically they will close all tags.

Awesome, that's great to hear remie, thanks!

@remie - It seems as if ordered lists and unordered lists are indenting properly, they are just not displaying list-style.

I edited the CSS, and this seemed to work…

/* ordered list and unordered list style */ 

.redactor_editor ul {
    list-style: disc;

.redactor_editor ul ul {
    list-style: circle;

.redactor_editor ul ul ul {
    list-style: square;

.redactor_editor ol {
    list-style: decimal;

.redactor_editor ol ol {
    list-style: lower-alpha;

.redactor_editor ol ol ol {
    list-style: lower-roman;

@bzerangue: i'll add this as a custom stylesheet... I'd like to be able to update the redactor library without having to think about custom changes. And because the styling of (un)ordered lists is an inch away from being a holy war.

that's wise.

@remie, I'm having issues with it cutting of the last closing tag.

@bzerangue: can you share the text for me to debug?

@remie, I'm having issues with it cutting of the last closing tag.

Here's the textarea item from the backend...

<p>This is a <strong>test</strong> paragraph.</p>

This is what it looks like when I run a debug…

<p>This is a <strong>test</strong></p> paragraph.

Here's a more complex (or more child elements, em, strong inside of p element)…

EXAMPLE HTML INPUT (from Symphony backend with Redactor Text Formatter)…

<p><em>Note:&nbsp;</em>Register before&nbsp;<strong>September 19</strong>&nbsp;to receive $10 off: $48. This conference culminates on&nbsp;<strong>Sunday, October 21, 7:00 pm,</strong>&nbsp;in a free concert open to the public. </p>


<body mode="formatted"><p><em>Note:&#160;</em></p>Register before&#160;<strong>September 19</strong>&#160;to receive $10 off: $48. This conference culminates on&#160;<strong>Sunday, October 21, 7:00 pm,</strong>&#160;in a free concert open to the public. </body>

@remie - I posted a more detailed Github issue.

@bzerangue: can you share the text for me to debug?

@remie - Did the above posts help you any?

@ bzerangue: sorry, didn't have time to look at it yet :( Will do so this weekend!

UPDATE: I've tried your examples locally and it works fine. I've used copy&paste with the HTML, retype it, add formatting during and after and the code remains intact. So I'm afraid I can't reproduce this...

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