Hi, is there any extension that could be helpful when trying to implement a rating system on a symphony site ? Or if someone can give some ideas how could I implement a php rating system that is alrady built into symphony. Is needed just to include a file and call a function with some params.

I tried to search and found some posts about that, but nothing specific.

Depends on what you're wanting, exactly. If you want a system where registered users (with the Members extension) get to vote on or rate entries, then you'll want to use the Member Claims extension.

Some ideas here Ratings mean different things to different people, so it's very difficult to wrap it up into an extension.

My site BoxedUpFun uses Symphony with the Members extension. We allow people to rate games. It was done with a custom event that a member on the forum wrote for me. Basically when a new entry in the ratings section gets saved, it looks up all of the previous ratings from that game and saves the average back to the game entry itself.

@TheJester12 seems like this is almost exactly what I'm trying to do. Can you give me some more details ? The code for the event is available on symphony forums or it was a paid custom work ? Thank you all !

The code is pretty specific to my site. But I believe it heavily depends on this tutorial.

a member on the forum

That would be me then.

It was originally based on the tutorial, but it is very custom and wouldn't be useable.

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