My biggest client at this moment is concerned about the continuity of their website if I were to do something else (doing an internship, getting sick or a job) and they'd love to know somebody would be able to take over the job if needed.

The website itself is a very content-based website, with currently around 2-3k articles. The current version is completely redesigned and I am now working on getting it released by mid december. Parts of the new layout are online as part of a presentation. Symphony-wise most is built using vanilla fields and datasources, where the only oddball is the frontend administration built on Members.

The client is dutch, so a dutch developer would be ideal. Agencies and freelancers are both welcome. If you are interested, I'd love to talk specifics.

@huib: what kind of time investment do you think this will take, and how frequent will it be required?

My agency ( has just today become a Soario partner, so we'd be well equipped to handle any on-going support if required.

Feel free to drop me an email at nathan[at]

(not Dutch by the way I'm afraid, so we don't tick that box. UK based)

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