I was just wondering if there's any current method to create a multi-level / flyout admin nav using a section's navigation groups?

A very rough mock-up in Web Inspector:

alt text

I'm creating a very basic product listing website at the moment, and thought it'd be nice if using something like Simone's Backend Views extension I could create a flyout sub-menu of Products to display Products categories (which show products of this category when clicked).

Another example I'm considering - an FAQ page, with 2 related sections: Questions / Answers and FAQ Categories.

(The front-end FAQ page would have the questions listed and categorised at the top. Clicking a question would scroll to the answer. All formatted automatically so my Dad can't possibly mess it up in the admin…)

This would then be under a 'Pages' navigation group creating a nav tree:

  • Pages
    • FAQ
      • Questions / Answers
      • FAQ Categories
    • Other pages

I was thinking I could create an extension that could do this, where when creating a navigation group you could create new levels by using a '/'.

e.g. Using Pages/FAQ as the navigation group for the Questions / Answers and FAQ categories sections above.

Is this something thats possible? Has there ever been an extension for this or is it just a bad idea?



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