A new extension, "Edit Plus" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Hello everyone. This is the first time I have posted anything here. This extension of mine adds syntax highlighting when editing XSLT stylesheets. The JavaScript is my own work -- no CodeMirror or anything like that.

One of the next things to do is to add line numbers.

Nice work Petertron

Think the Github link is missing its tld https://github/Petertron/edit_plu

Edit Plus updated to version 0.2 on 6th of February 2013

After much rewriting, a new version is ready. Line numbers have been added, and the working of the editor is better. It still doesn't work properly on Opera though.

I could have chosen a better name for this extension, since 'Edit Plus' is ambiguous.

Edit Plus updated to version 0.3 on 11th of February 2013

It seems to me that I can't use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste while in the editor. Is anyone else finding this?


Firstly, it's good to see someone trying out my extension(!)

I was puzzled at first, but I think I know what is going on. You must be a Mac user, which I am not. The problem would be to do with the Mac's use of the command key instead of the control key. I will upload a new version soonish.

That would be handy! I'm keen to try this out too.

Edit Plus updated to version 0.3.1 on 21st of February 2013

@Petertron. Yes, I'm on a Mac. The copy/paste functionality now works with ctrl by not the Mac command key. While this is an improvement (makes it usable) its still a little clunky since it goes against standard functionality.

Thanks for developing this. Teething issues apart, it makes eyeballing code a bit easier.

This time I really am surprised. This latest version of Edit Plus uses the JavaScript 'copy', 'cut' and 'paste' events (which I did not know about until yesterday) instead of using keyboard events. And the command key is not doing what it should be doing? Odd.

Am I missing something? I'm not seeing version 0.3.1 on GitHub. I suppose that version is only available as a download on the extension page.

Edit Plus updated to version 0.4.0 on 15th of March 2013

It is now possible to paste text from ouside the editor into the editor, or to copy text from the editor to somewhere else, like it ought to have been all along. Making this change meant giving up the idea of using a content-editable div and having input go to a hidden text area instead, as it is with CodeMirror 2.

Edit Plus updated to version 0.4.1 on 23rd of March 2013

A 'fault correction' release. CDATA sections are displayed the right way now.

Edit Plus updated to version 0.5.0 on 11th of May 2013

I always intended for this extension to do more than just add syntax highlighting to XSLT. This new version adds a new navigation group, 'Assets', so that CSS and Javascript files can be created/edited. Alas, there is no syntax highlighting for CSS or JS yet.

After installation, it is necessary to specify, on the Preferences page, the folders used for CSS and JS. For example, if your CSS is in /workspace/assets/css then enter "assets/css".

There is still much to be done.

This is really good, thanks for the update

I'm not able to find this extension. github link is dead an download page link only has 0 bytes.

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