I'm using the URL Router and URL Segments extensions among other things for a custom approach to a multi-region and multilingual project.

Rubular permalink.

My URLs will be in the following format:




In the URL Router route from field I currently have:




This seems to be working fine, and I still have access to gb and en (or whatever they are) via URL Segment's url-segment-1 and url-segment-2 parameters for data source filtering.

My question is: how can I tighten up the matching of the regular expression so that the first two URL segments must be of certain length ranges (2-3 and 2-5 respectively)?

And should I be more specific than .[^/] (any characters except for /)?


This should work for you


Brilliant - thank you.

As well as not putting the number ranges in the right place, I didn't realise that 2-3 characters is described as {1,2}; I would have thought it would have been {2,3}, which is what I interpreted this as saying. Not sure if it's a different in regex implementation or to do with the / negation or something else. Oh well. :-)

Actually it should be {2,3} but for some reason the [^/] messes it up, I'm not really sure why.

Yes, [^/] consumes one of the characters apparently.

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