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The bare <html> on line 8 means there are two <html> tags in the final output. I assume you do this so you avoid a mis-matched tag error at the processing stage.

Couldn’t you replace </html> with this instead?

<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA[</html>]]></xsl:text>

Actually I couldn't say, this is one of those documents that's formed over time. However from what I can see you'd only experience two <html> tags if you're on IE - so it seems that's where the provision needs to be made to prevent doubling up?

Something that's missed from that template that I may add, is the language declaration, i.e. <html lang="en"> which we use quite frequently - so we kind of need the separate declaration for that. Unless there's a better way to handle it?

I notice on the 'official' HTML5 Boilerplate that a standard <html> tag is omitted - so it's clearly not needed semantically.

In case it helps with the html tag: HTML5 Master Stylesheet (XHTML syntax with indenting).

Hi David, so I'm guessing that we're safe completely ignoring the standard <html> opening tag then? Although that does mean flagging language at the HTML level isn't possible.

// Doh, I actually just read the conditional <html> tags properly and noticed that the last one also returns true if NOT IE, i.e. it's already accounted for in my utility, so was just being doubled up.

HTML5 Master utility updated to version 1.1 on 7th of March 2013

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