31 May 2011
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Ever tried to geolocate an address using the Address Field, but not been happy with the resulting latitude and longitude?

Ever tried to geolocate an address using the Map Location Field, but not been happy with the lack of storage for that address?

Well, I have, and it prompted me to make this hybrid field that stores the address you enter, and allows you to adjust the latitude longitude of that address.

We all know that Google's geocoding service isn't precise, well with this field you can be as precise as you want to be, and also store the original address details.

Once an address has been entered, click 'locate' to locate it on the map. The latitude and longitude are read-only, so you can't manually adjust them, but you can adjust them by moving the pin on the map.

Thanks go to the Address Field and the Map Location Field for their methods, as this field relied heavily on their code. These fields couldn't be extended to add this functionality as they both server specific cases, as does this one


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