We’re designers, developers, musicians, movie makers, business owners, writers, photographers, and oh so much more. We are just like each one of you. In 2003, out of a dire need for a web hosting company who actually cared more about their customers and their world than they did about being the company that cared solely about its dividends, Eleven2 was birthed.

Somewhere between 2003 and now, Eleven2 grew from a idea first talked about at Starbucks to a company that services over 72,000 websites. Eleven2 is set at a great pace to change the world of web hosting with many new innovations and keeping to its roots: a company who actually cares about its customers.



A horrible host. I had an account with eleven2 for several years for personal sites. I stopped using it completely with over a year left on my pre-paid contract though, that’s how bad they are.

First of all, support. LIARS! I don’t know if they still do (but they absolutely used to) claim 24/7/365 support. Well that’s a big lie. If you had something go down on Friday at 5:05PM, you weren’t getting an answer till Monday 9:00AM. I constantly had this happen, and when questioned about it, they’d just lie.

Stability, HAHAHAHA, NO! When i hosted at eleven2, my sites went down CONSTANTLY, not to mention the insanely slow load times that i got when they were up. It was embarrassing when people would regularly send me emails informing me that my site was down, or taking forever to load.

Customer Service, RUDE! Their customer service guy SUCKS! I have never had such rude and inept customer service. Since when does the customer have such a higher level of knowledge than the customer support rep ON THEIR SERVICE!? The attitude i constantly caught from their primary support tech was ridiculous. On the rare occasion that i would work directly with a tech, or the founders of the company things were much more pleasant but still irritating.

Professionalism, OH MAN NO! On several occasions they sent me email newsletters. I don’t think I received more than 2 in that entire 2+ year period that did not have at least a couple spelling errors.

If you browse around on some popular blogs, and forums you will see many more reviews very similar to this one. When I first signed up I figured that these things had been resolved as it was originally a fairly pleasant experience, that quickly changed.

It should also be mentioned that, last time I checked, Eleven 2 hosting is just a co-location deal.

Regardless, shared hosting in general is pretty terrible (I know, what was I thinking). I’ve since moved all personal sites over to my companies hosting account (not eleven2) and enjoy Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting for all sites :)

Final words DO NOT USE eleven2 EVER. :) Happy hunting!

Unfortunately, I have to concur. I was very, very disappointed in their so-called Cloud Servers. The customer support was spotty at best. They didn't seem to really support their "Cloud" service. Also, the Cloud server, you have virtual no control over your box.

I, too, would encourage others to use other hosting solutions.

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  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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