Deprecated in Symphony 2.3.5

References in the API marked as deprecated should not be used for new integrations. Existing implementations should seek to find alternative methods/functions where possible.


class.md5.php #14

MD5 is a cryptography class for hashing and comparing messages using the MD5-Algorithm

class.sha1.php #14

SHA1 is a cryptography class for hashing and comparing messages using the SHA1-Algorithm


class.entry.php #34

An ISO 8601 representation of when this Entry was created eg. 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00

class.field.php #103

An associative array of the settings for this Field instance #100

The HTTP status code of the page using the HTTP_STATUSES constants


class.administration.php #508

Writes the current Symphony Configuration object to a file in the CONFIG directory. This will overwrite any existing configuration file every time this function is called.

class.administrationpage.php #1164

Returns all the page types that exist in this Symphony install. There are 5 default system page types, and new types can be added by Developers via the Page Editor.

class.datetimeobj.php #318

A wrapper for get, this function will return a HTML string representing an <abbr> element which contained the formatted date of now, and an RFC 2822 formatted date (Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:01:07 +0200) as the title attribute. Symphony uses this in it's status messages so that it can dynamically update how long ago the action took place using Javascript.

class.emailhelper.php #272

Gets mime type of a file.

For email attachments, the mime type is very important. Uses the PHP 5.3 function finfo_open when available, otherwise falls back to using a mapping of known of common mimetypes. If no matches are found application/octet-stream will be returned.

class.extension.php #119

The about method allows an extension to provide information about itself as an associative array. eg. 'name' => 'Name of Extension', 'version' => '1.8', 'release-date' => 'YYYY-MM-DD', 'author' => array( 'name' => 'Author Name', 'website' => 'Author Website', 'email' => 'Author Email' ), 'description' => 'A description about this extension'

class.extensionmanager.php #768

This function will load an extension's meta information given the extension $name. Since Symphony 2.3, this function will look for an extension.meta.xml file inside the extension's folder. If this is not found, it will initialise the extension and invoke the about() function. By default this extension will return an associative array display the basic meta data about the given extension. If the $rawXML parameter is passed true, and the extension has a extension.meta.xml file, this function will return DOMDocument of the file.

class.field.php #1271
class.field.php #1205

Create an association between a section and a field.

class.field.php #1218

Permanently remove a section association for this field in the database.

class.fieldmanager.php #602

Returns an array of all available field handles discovered in the TOOLKIT . /fields or EXTENSIONS . /{}/fields.

class.frontendpage.php #988

Given a page ID, return it's type from tbl_pages

class.frontendpage.php #1008

Resolves the path to this page's XSLT file. The Symphony convention is that they are stored in the PAGES folder. If this page has a parent it will be as if all the / in the URL have been replaced with _. ie. /articles/read/ will produce a file articles_read.xsl

class.general.php #287

Allows you to send emails. It initializes the core email class.

class.section.php #228

Returns an array of all the fields that can be filtered.

class.symphony.php #622

A wrapper for throwing a new Symphony Error page.

class.symphony.php #255

Setter for $Cookie. This will use PHP's parseurl function on the current URL to set a cookie using the cookieprefix defined in the Symphony configuration. The cookie will last two weeks.

This function also defines two constants, __SYM_COOKIE_PATH__ and __SYM_COOKIE_PREFIX__.

class.symphony.php #688

Given the $page_id and a $column, this function will return an array of the given $column for the Page, including all parents.

class.symphony.php #722

Given the $page_id, return the complete path to the current page.

class.symphony.php #705

Given the $page_id, return the complete title of the current page.

class.widget.php #708

Will wrap a <div> around a desired element to trigger the default Symphony error styling.

content.blueprintspages.php #1120

Returns boolean if a the given $type is set for the given $page_id.


class.datasource.php #444

A constant that represents if this filter is an AND filter in which an Entry must match all these filters

class.datasource.php #454

A constant that represents if this filter is an OR filter in which an entry can match any or all of these filters


func.utilities.php #123

This function, give two DateTime objects, will return the difference between the two in hours and minutes, in a format suitable for MySQL.

This function does not provide full date_diff functionality, it's a stopgap for PHP5.2 support.

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  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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