• Classes

    • AdministrationPage

      The AdministrationPage class represents a Symphony backend page.

    • AjaxPage

      AjaxPage extends the Page class to provide an object representation of a Symphony backend AJAX page.

    • Alert

      The Alert class drives the standard Symphony notices that appear at the top of the backend pages to alert the user of something.

    • Author

      The Author class represents a Symphony Author object.

    • AuthorManager

      The AuthorManager class is responsible for managing all Author objects in Symphony.

    • Cryptography

      Cryptography is a utility class that offers a number of general purpose cryptography- related functions for message digestation as well as (backwards-)compatibility checking.

    • DataSource

      The Datasource class provides functionality to mainly process any parameters that the fields will use in filters find the relevant Entries and return these Entries data as XML so that XSLT can be applied on it to create your website.

    • DatasourceManager

      The DatasourceManager class is responsible for managing all Datasource objects in Symphony.

    • DevKit

      Devkit extends the HTMLPage class to provide an object representation of a Symphony Devkit page.

    • Email

      The Email class is a factory class to make it possible to send emails using different gateways.

    • EmailGateway

      A base class for email gateways.

    • EmailGatewayManager

      A manager to standardize the finding and listing of installed gateways.

    • EmailHelper

      A helper class for various email functions.

    • Entry

      An entry is a combination of data that is stored in several Fields typically contained in one Section.

    • EntryManager

      The EntryManager is responsible for all Entry objects in Symphony.

    • Event

      The abstract Event classes defines some base methods that all Events inherit.

    • EventManager

      The EventManager class is responsible for managing all Event objects in Symphony.

    • Extension

      The abstract Extension class contains common methods that most extensions require to get started in the Symphony environment.

    • ExtensionManager

      The ExtensionManager class is responsible for managing all extensions in Symphony.

    • Field

      The Field class represents a Symphony Field object.

    • FieldAuthor

      The Author field allows Symphony Authors to be selected in your entries.

    • FieldCheckbox

      Checkbox field simulates a HTML checkbox field, in that it represents a simple yes/no field.

    • FieldDate

      A simple Date field that stores a full ISO date.

    • FieldInput

      A simple Input field that essentially maps to HTML's ``.

    • FieldManager

      The FieldManager class is responsible for managing all fields types in Symphony.

    • FieldSelect

      A simple Select field that essentially maps to HTML's ``.

    • FieldTagList

      The Tag List field is really a different interface for the Select Box field, offering a tag interface that can have static suggestions, suggestions from another field or a dynamic list based on what an Author has previously used for this field.

    • fieldTextarea

      A simple Textarea field that essentially maps to HTML's ``.

    • FieldUpload

      A simple Upload field that essentially maps to HTML's ``.

    • FrontendPage

      The FrontendPage class represents a page of the website that is powered by Symphony.

    • Gateway

      The Gateway class provides a standard way to interact with other pages.

    • HTMLPage

      HTMLPage extends the Page class to provide an object representation of a Symphony backend page.

    • JSON

      The JSON class takes a JSON formatted string and converts it to XML.

    • Mutex

      The Mutex class is a crude locking class that generates files with a specific time to live.

    • MySQL

      The MySQL class acts as a wrapper for connecting to the Database in Symphony.

    • Page

      Page is an abstract class that holds an object representation of a page's headers.

    • PageManager

      The PageManager class is responsible for providing basic CRUD operations for Symphony frontend pages.

    • Profiler

      The Profiler class tracks various performance metrics while a Symphony page is being generated.

    • ResourceManager

      The ResourcesManager is a class used to collect some methods for both Datasources and Events.

    • ResourcesPage

      The ResourcesPage abstract class controls the way "Datasource" and "Events" index pages are displayed in the backend.

    • Section

      The Section class represents a Symphony Section object.

    • SectionManager

      The SectionManager is responsible for managing all Sections in a Symphony installation by exposing basic CRUD operations.

    • SMTP

      A SMTP client class, for sending text/plain emails.

    • TextFormatter

      The abstract TextFormatter classes defines two methods that must be implemented by any Symphony text formatter.

    • TextformatterManager

      The TextformatterManager class is responsible for managing all Text Formatter objects in Symphony.

    • Widget

      Widget is a utility class that offers a number miscellaneous of functions to help generate common HTML Forms elements as XMLElement objects for inclusion in Symphony backend pages.

    • XMLElement

      XMLElement is a class used to simulate PHP's DOMElement class.

    • XSLTPage

      XSLTPage extends the Page class to provide an object representation of a Page that will be generated using XSLT.

    • XsltProcess

      The XsltProcess class is responsible for taking a chunk of XML and applying an XSLT stylesheet to it.

  • Exceptions

    • DatabaseException

      The DatabaseException class extends a normal Exception to add in debugging information when a SQL query fails such as the internal database error code and message in additional to the usual Exception information.

    • EmailException

      The Exception to be thrown by the Email class.

    • EmailGatewayException

      The standard exception to be thrown by all email gateways.

    • JSONException

      The JSONException class extends the base Exception class.

    • SMTPException

      Exceptions to be thrown by the SMTP Client class

  • Constants

Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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