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Closed#172: Dynamic XML DS only accepts absolute URL

I tried entering a URL with dynamic portions as suggested, but only an absolutely set URL seems to work.

This has been raised before, however I was never able to come up with a satisfactory solution. The issue is that sometimes you want values to be URL encoded. E.G. “apples and bananas” becomes “apples+and+bananas” (or similar). Currently we assume that this is always desired. The hard part is trying to specify what should be encoded and what shouldn’t.

Does encoding affect core parameters like {$root} or {$workspace}? If so wouldn’t it be an idea to introduce a white-list for these core parameters?

For Symphony 2.1, the Dynamic XML DS type will become its own extension. This will be something we will look at then.

We discussed this last week, during friday’s bug fixing session, and decided we’ll use an :encoded suffix approach. E.G. {$root} & {$root:encoded}.

It will be unique to the Dynamic XML DS type. That is, other data sources will not inherently support :encoded as a result of the Dynamic XML implementation. Reason for this is that in the Section DS, the colon syntax represents either default values {$blah:$xxx:apple} or, in the case of ‘Included Elements’ it means ‘Mode’.

This issue is closed.

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