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Closed#187: Updating to 2.0.7 breaks pages if input fields contain ampersands

This bug can be seen using a very simple workflow:

  • create a default installation of Symphony 2.0.6
  • change the title of the published article to include an ampersand, e.g.: A primer to Symphony 2's default theme & more
  • everything is running fine, and in the page XML you will see an encoded ampersand: A primer to Symphony 2's default theme & more
  • Now update your Symphony installation to 2.0.7
  • The homepage and the article page will be broken – page XML now contains an unencoded ampersand:

    <title handle="a-primer-to-symphony-2s-default-theme-and-amp-more">A primer to Symphony 2's default theme & more</title>
  • visit your backend and re-save the article – boom! The corresponding pages are working again, the ampersand is encoded in the XML. (Now the ampersand is encoded in the edit page’s input field as well – this will be posted as a separate bug.)

Related to Issue #188. Text needs to be validated as it exits the database and rendered to XML.

This issue is closed.

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