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Closed#291: [2.0.8RC1] Multiple values in Select Box Link

Hi! Found this issue when I tried to save a multiple values in Select Box Link.

strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
[path]symphonylibtoolkitclass.field.php line 284

279     }
281     public function checkPostFieldData($data, &$message, $entry_id=NULL){
282         $message = NULL;
284         if ($this->get('required') == 'yes' && strlen($data) == 0){
285             $message = __("'%s' is a required field.", array($this->get('label')));
287             return self::__MISSING_FIELDS__;
288         }

I was not able to reproduce this error.

I have changed that function to use empty() instead of strlen()


This issue is closed.

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