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I've made a couple of RSS feeds from my work site and some other personal interest site that I consume in a couple of pages of my personal site in the interests of being too lazy to update all three sites with content but still look like I do stuff.

I think since upgrading to 2.3.2 but maybe that's nothing to do with it, I find the pages on my personal site blank where the RSS content should be. It takes a refresh or two for the content to show up. It was working fine a week or two ago.

I've been trying to log in and then do a ?debug to see if I can see any info in there but of course once it's refreshed the page, the content has appeared and the debug looks normal.

I've got the DDS on 30 minute refresh, and the RSS content isn't large. On the sites where the RSS is coming from everything shows up all the time if I visit them.

Has anyone any pointers, I don't know if it's a server thing or slow internet or something in Symphony. Being my lazy self I usually just set up the RSS and the magic pixies in the Symphony folder magic the content from one site to another. What kind of stick would one use to prod those pixies?

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