I'm trying to use a text input field as an output parameter, but the output string is truncated.

The field holds a URL, which I wanted to use for a remote datasource, but that DS breaks because the parameter is shortened. I can't seem to track down where the truncation is happening.

Any suggestions for a solution? Or an alternative means to pull a unique feed for each entry?


Do you mean a Text Area? or the bundled input text field that comes with Symphony? If textarea that might be tricky because your trying to filter on a textarea.. if there is the ability to output the handle, there may be a way to filter on the handle itself.

Do you have anymore info?

Either that, or you've passed the MySQL limit for the field; Which is 255 characters.

If you have, and need more than that, then a textarea is required.

  • How many characters is your string?
  • How many characters are being returned?

The field is just a standard text input, not textarea. I just tested one entry, and it has a 151 character URL, but the param returns 75 plus an ellipses. The URL is output correctly in the entry XML, but not the DS param.

I should point out the site is still 2.3.3, in case something changed since then. Anyone know where the param output is being truncated and why?

Thanks for the help.

75 characters is the truncated length of the value when displayed in a Symphony index table in the admin.

Is that where you're seeing this?

John, I see this in 2.4 in the debug devkit as well.

$ds-projects.title = "ifewceibheblirblbhv..."

For example.. the length of the handle and value of items exceeding 75 characters is truncated.

That means that the prepareTableValue function is being used incorrectly somewhere...

Can one of you log it on github under the main repo, and I'll have a look as soon as I can.

John, this actually goes back as far as being present in the $_env array from some digging around..

I was looking in the class.frontendpage.php file

In the class.field.php file the prepareTableValue function is truncating the value..

if you change this to 255, your input field should now output correctly.. it's a short fix until we can determien the best outcome to resolve this.

Saying that, there is a cell_truncation_length property in the manifest/config.php file for you to change the value from 75 to whatever you want.

Thanks very much for logging and tracking this down. I added cell_truncation_length into the config, and problem solved.

Can you add '[SOLVED]' to the title of this post so we know at least your issue has been resolved.. we'll continue to discuss if this is a closed issue on github.

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