I'm trying out the new Association Field and related extensions for a new site, and have a few questions. If Nils or anyone who has used the extensions could clarify, it would be greatly appreciated.

First, it seems from the discussions here that Association field is intended to replace SBL. Have these changes been integrated in SBL, or does the Association field still have to be used?

Also, I wanted to get an image preview in the Association UI. The readme says:

It’s possible to include markup in your related field in order to create more informative item captions. Selector bundles styles for text, image previews and emphasis. If you’d like to combine multiple field values into a single caption, please take a look at Reflection field.

Do I need to use a reflection field to get just an image thumbnail, or only if I want multiple values, e.g. a thumbnail and a title? Does the 'bundled styles' mean an image preview should be possible without the reflection?


Have these changes been integrated in SBL

no, they have not been integrated. There is some functionality which only works with the Association Field, I believe it's the sorting in particular. SBL still works for the majority of things, but if you're building new go for the Association Field.

Do I need to use a reflection field to get just an image thumbnail

I believe so yes, the Association Field would output whatever is the value that your linked field returns. An image upload field would just return the path of the uploaded image, if you want a thumbnail you'd have to put that in an image tag, with the proper JIT size you want to show. Also keep in mind that this field is used for searching, so if you have a caption would be good to include it if you're enabling search.

Thanks Gunglien - the bundled styles threw me, but I see it was just CSS and not functionality. I have this working nicely with a reflection field.

Just to note for anyone else reading this, the Association UI readme points to a fork of reflection field, but the required changes have been integrated into the main reflection field repository since then, so that can be used.

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