I got 2 sections: a Category and a Item in this Category forming a clasic n:n relationship.

I would like to have a relation field in the Category called "Items" and a relation field in the Item called "Categories".

I would like that both relation fields match each other, allowing the content maintainer to configure the relation from the perspective of a Category or from the perspective of an Item.

Do you have any advice how tho realize something like this?

kind regards, Knut Meinke

I think there used to be a field before - but nothing I've ever used - and probably unmaintained.

Right now I don't think there is anything - though in theory it's possible to add. Did something similar for a client but was just on a one-field basis, unfortunately was in a rush so took a hackish route to do it..

What's your knowledge of PHP? maybe I could give you the basics and you could take it on.


I got plenty of PHP know-how. Dont know alot about Symphony internals tho - so I look for advice.

A hack is what I got in my current project: got a db trigger to update both assoc fields if one changes. Symphony dosnt know about, and cant complain :p

I think it would be a great feature for the assoc field. I could imaging 2 solutions:

  1. creating 2 assoc fields that update each other if one changes.
  2. creating a kind of assoc field that can be a member of two sections, and always shows the "other end".

There's a third option which at this point would be the simplest.

Creating a field - where you select an inverse relationship. It shows the same ui as the original one but in reverse. It wouldn't store any data per-se but just edit the other field's data.

yes. think thats a good approch. thx.:)

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