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I've had a request to setup auto logout for the symphony admin, or even to have it where every time we close a Chrome tab it signs out would be fine.

I assume this has to do with a browser cookie but not sure where those settings are within symphony.

I'd be interested in this functionality too.

I am aware that the session data was being prepped to decouple the front end and backend login code. But not sure how far they had gotten with this functionality:


To get around the shortcomings of the Cookie class, perhaps it would be possible to use some javascript and listen for the beforeunload event?

This event could send an AJAX request to the logout URL.

I'm not too sure if this event fires during normal pagination or if it's just isolated to when the browser/tab closes though!

So we can just send a request to http://mydomain.com/symphony/logout/ and it will log the user out? cool!

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