Hey guys

I am using the Subsection manager plugin, and its great!

I am trying to filter a data source by subsectionmanager/item/title - I can only seem to filer by subsectionmanager and not any of the data in the levels further down (if that makes any sense?!)

Does anyone know if this is possible - or how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Association is sometimes a bit complicated because you have multiple ways to do it. I am not sure but probably you could do it another way with selectbox link and parameters.

I never filter buy subsection item because it means that the subsection is the more important.

Exemple: if your subsection is a member section, you can use the selectbox link field and the datasource chaining. Perhaps the association field can replace the subsection for your case.

Please note that the maximum Symphony version for the Subsection Manager is 2.3.6, see:

Another way could be filtering in the xsl template.

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