I'm setting up a Members system, but don't know how to activate a Member. Currently I have a Admission Email sent to the User, but how do send the link to activate it? Since the User does not exist yet at the moment of registration, I cannot create a datasource attachable to the mail message. Isn't it?

Thanks for your suggestions

You will have to attach your Members section to your ETM datasource and filter it by {$etm-entry-id}.
You can create a link in your email template to a confirmation-page with a url-parameter of a unique field (id).
Then you can attach a datasource to the confirmation page from your members section filtered by this unique field and create your activation form.
Hope this makes sense.

Hi Cremol, thanks.
Sorry but I don't get it. How do you attach a Section to a datasource? Btw I don't have any ETM datasource...

Did you have a look in the Wiki already?

Hi Manaus,
You can select the section in the source selectbox, topright in the datasource editor.
It is highly recommended to use the Email Temlplate Manager (ETM) extension in combination with the members extension.

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