Has anyone implemented a language redirect based on a cookie? I would like to store the last used language in a cookie and when the user opens the homepage without a language parameter, the right language version should be delivered: calling would open or/fr

I'm doing multilanguage following the post multilanguage the right way and I use the storage extension for saving user specific information.

Thank you for sharing you ideas!

Hey Moritz - if you're doing "multilanguage the right way" you're probably using the "flang_redirection"-extension which should have the desired behavior baked right in... at least as far as I remember all pages I've built with that method behaved just the way you described it.

And if you're looking for some other ideas how to handle this scenario - I recently implemented exactly this feature in the "other way" of building multilingual websites!

Hello Roman, I obviously did it only half way the right way: I had overseen the excistence of flang_redirection. Thanks or your hint! I installed it and it worked right away.

Your advancement of the language redirection extension looks promising!

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