XSLT Resources

If you want to start learning XSLT, or expand your knowledge of the language, these resources can help you.





NOTE: I pulled these resources from the old Symphony Wiki (on the archived Overture site). They are still relevant references and would be helpful to those who are trying to jump into the world of XSLT, XML, XPath.

Also, the CONCEPTS section of this site is helpful.

Don't forget the LEARN section of this website.

A couple more worth looking into:

Cheers guys, documentation has been updated with these.

Many thanks for these listings guys, just discovered Symphony and need to get my head around xml and xslt etc.

Symphony has got me stoked, I’m a refugee from EE who has never felt comfortable with it. Appreciate this Forum and of course all the work and brains behind Symphony.



I’m a refugee from EE

lol… welcome!

Thanks Lewis!

I’m a refugee from EE

Welcome to the club. :-)

Also on this forum on overview of Bauhauses (and guests) tutorials.

Skylerrichter ( when you read this give us a sign of life, we’d like to see your blog and tutorial back up …

Thanks Michael-e

That’s another great list of tutorials - Newnomad, the second link to skyler richter doesn’t seem to led to a site and Googling didn’t bring up anything specific sitewise - but the first link you gave is great and a load to get on with.

As a newbie to Symphony tutorials and documentation are vital, so I’d better get reading!

BMac: Yes, it’s a tragedy as Skyler Richters beginner tutorial was the only one I understood. It was gone a few days after I have read it. :-)

Newnomad: I’d appreciate if you could mark your URLs as actual links.

@phoque all fixed now (now idea how to get [] on azerty mac keyboards when traveling…;-)

now idea how to get [] on azerty mac keyboards when traveling

Thats what WMDs Hyperlink-Button is for. :-D

By the way: The Windowns @ (Alt+Q) triggers “Blockquote” so those nice “Twitter-style replies” are hard to do under Windows.

Great for users to understand XPath Axes...

the XPath Axes Visualizer

Great XSL and XPath Quick Reference Site

XSL and XPath Quick Reference

Handling Whitespace in XSLT

Tricky whitespace handling at

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