A new ensemble, “Old Popular Yolk” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Hello mates,

This theme was originally created by joshuagoodwin and then ported to Symphony by me.

So, basically I did a few changes compared to Spectrum Theme:

  • Removed notes section.
  • Changed some Data Sources.
  • Added some utilities.
  • Added support for gravatar on comments.

You can preview the original theme here.

Github Repository:


Nice! I like the Gravatar feature!

Rainer, I created an unpublished article and noticed that the submit button on the Drafts page doesn’t render properly. I posted the issue on GitHub.

Welcome to the world of Ensemble publishing, Rainer. It’s nice to have some company. Looking forward to giving your theme a whirl.

@michael-e Thanks for reporting. I’ll fix it.

@bauhouse It’s nice to have your company! Let’s rise the number of ensembles here!

Nice! I like the Gravatar feature!

We should thank nickdunn!

I’ve got tons of ensembles in a half finished state. I just need some time to pick one and finish it. I guess it’s partly that I enjoy the process of experiment and I’m constantly trying to do too many things at the same time. I have DDADD: Design/Development Attention Deficit Disorder.

New version released.

@rainerborene, You will never beat bauhouse if it’s about half-finished ensembles! Yours is more than half-finsihed, so it doesn’t count!

how should I update when using just FTP, no git?

I saw ensemble yesterday so I thought I might download it and learn something new from it, but I didn’t.

I see your categories are in link, so when people click, they should lead them to articles that belong to that categories, but that doesn’t happen when I click on my installation. When I click on one category I see articles from all. How come?

And just one line you might fix in future. When there’s no articles you have message: Please back later - that should be - Please come back later.

That are my 2 cents. Hopefully you’ll fix that.

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