I have two sections linked, songs and recordings. The section link is within recordings, so a song can contain several recordings. A song itself can belong to a category, namely set, old and rehersal. The songs are displayed on several pages, every one according to a category. That is, actually there is only one page "songs", but the songs data source gets filtered by the page parameters {$cat} and {$entry} to browse the songs by category and single entry.

But: How do I filter the according recordings? On the "rehersal"-page for example, I get only the songs in category "rehersal" but every single recording.

I can't filter the recordings by {$cat}, because recordings don't have this attribute.

I tried to have a parameter output from the songs-section and filter the recordings' data source by the parameter {$ds-songs}, but that didn't seem to work. For the songs data source, I chose "Title" as parameter output, and filtered recordings by "Song", which is the section link label. The XML throws "No records found". I also tried System ID as parameter output and filter option, but that didn't work either.

Thanks in advance,


Seems like I'm to fast with posting...

The solution is to have System ID as parameter output from the data source "songs", and to filter by section link "Song" within the data source "recordings" with {$ds-songs}.

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