There has been some talk of getting Symphony ready for HTML5 lately and, personally, I think one of the greatest things about HTML5 is the new Video tag.

However, as I’m sure we all know, there’s been yet one more format work. Right now H.264 is in the lead but Theora is holding on. There are whispers that Google might release the VP8 codec from On2 as open source—for those who don’t know, VP8 is supposed to have higher quality than H.264—but there’s no word yet from Google.

So in order to give people HTML5 Video you need to offer both H.264 and OGG Theora. There are some frameworks available that would allow you to upload one file and have it transcoded into the necessary HTML5 Video formats and I was wondering if one of the devs would be willing to create an extension based on one of these frameworks?

I’d do it myself but my development skills are by no means up to the task.

I’d recommend the Kaltura HTML5 framework as it offers the transcoding as default, works across every platform and (my favorite point) is used by Wikipedia.

I’m sure people would be interested in having this but what I’m wondering is would any of our wonderful developers be interested in creating the extension?

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