I’m having an issue that’s killing my javascript in Symphony. Firebug gives me this error:

Error: string is undefined Source File: http://merwinstudios:8888/symphony/assets/admin.js Line: 46

And the offending line is this (third line):

insert: function(string, tokens) {
    $.each(tokens, function(index, value) { 
        string = string.replace('{$' + index + '}', value);
    return string;

Any ideas?

Page includes five Text Box fields, one Unique Upload field, one Subsection Manager field, one Checkbox field, one Selectbox Link field, and one Date/Time field. The Subsection Manager and Date/Time fields are broken due to the error.

The Subsection Manager field links to three Text Box fields and a Unique Upload field.

Have you tried disabling Subsection Manager and Date/Time temporarily to see if they are causing this error?

It seems like an extension (or the core) is passing a wrong/undefined string to the translation function.

(Double post.)

I tried a number of combinations and it happens no matter what. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here…

Is there any possibility my installation of MAMP might be the issue?

I had the same thing today, turns out I hadn’t switched branches properly. That line is on about line 25 in RC3 if you go to Github and choose a tag. Could that be it?

Hmm. It’s possible, but I thought I’d grabbed the right one. I’ll redownload the files and see if that does the trick.

Replaced all the Symphony files, deleted all the sections, disabled and enabled all the extensions and recreated all the sections and now it’s working… Not sure exactly where the problem was as replacing files, deleting sections and disabling extensions kept throwing the error. It wasn’t until After I’d recreated a section or two that it seemed to behave again.

Oh well, all is well that ends well I guess. Thanks for the assist!

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