Hi Guys,

I’m a little stuck with my page structure. The page I have is called ‘Things to do on lipe’. If I click on this page it shows a couple of activity categories like Diving, Restaurants, Bars etc. Now if I click e.g on ‘Diving and Snorkeling’ it goes to this page: things-to-do-on-lipe/activity/diving-and-snorkeling

That’s all ok, no problems so far. So when I come on this page, it shows a list of diving resorts. Now here comes the problem. When I click on a diving resort, I want the URL structure to be: things-to-do-on-lipe/activities/diving-and-snorkeling/view/pauls-diving-resort But this structure gives me a 404. The structure only accepts: things-to-do-on-lipe/activities/view/pauls-diving-resort (so without the diving and snorkeling param which I want to keep).

So my question is, how do I keep the ‘diving-and-snorkeling’ param in the URL structure?

This is the link structure I use to go to a diving resort:

<a href="{$root}/things-to-do-on-lipe/activities/{$category}/view/{activity-name/@handle}">


Symphony – Pages – Activity View_1291345445244.png

How is your page set up? I’ve done something similar using just one page and six URL params, filtering six data sources.

My parent page is ‘things-to-do’, then I have the child page ‘activities’ to display the list of activities on. And finally the ‘view’ page to view the chosen activity. this is suppose to be a child page of ‘activities’ so the URL structure stays intact. Since this isn’t working, I made ‘view’ a child page of ‘things-to-do’ until I have the solution….

You cannot currently do this in Symphony 2 as far as I’m aware as it does not support page/param/page/param/param.

It may make the XSLT a little messy, but could you lose the view?

I can display the ‘view’ content on the ‘things-to-do-page’ but that is a little messy since I want to keep my pages clean and clear. I got told that the way I want it (page/param/page/param/page/param) is better for SEO?

You can achieve this using the URL router extension, Nick has given me some help on that before but I’m yet to actually do it. If you look on my profile at discussions started, it should be there…

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