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Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade to 2.2. Below are the errors I have come across:

I have tried upgrading SubsectionManager using symphony 2.2 beta3 however I get this error

Fatal error: Cannot access protected property FieldManager::$_Parent in extensionssubsectionmanagerfieldsfield.subsectionmanager.php on line 612Blockquote

For the Languagefield extension should I just copy the getBrowserLanguages() to the core of this extension?

Thanks again.

You'll need to update your Subsection Manager and Multilingual Field extensions.

Thanks brendo, I did as suggested.

For the languagefield extension, since it is not properly updated to support 2.2, I copied the getBrowserlanguages() method from Symphony 2.1 and placed it in the languagefield extension driver and replaced the line

$languages = Lang:: getBrowserLnaguages() with $languages = $this->getBrowserLanguages;

Now Im getting

Invalid arguments passed An error occurred in \xampp\htdocs\custom.com\extensions\languagefield\extension.driver.php around line 54

public function __pageParamsResolve($ctx) { 52: // context array contains: &$params 53: $languages = $this->getBrowserLanguages; 54: $ctx['params']['browser-languages'] = implode(',', $languages);

Also, for a custom extension I created, after updating to Symphony 2.2. Im getting

array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given An error occurred in C:Documents and SettingsDellMy Documentsxampphtdocsmysiteextensionscustomextextension.driver.php around line 159

154: $url = ''; 155: do { 156: // Get handle and PREpend to URL 157: $this_handle = (string)@array_pop(extension_custom::$xml->xpath( 158: "/data/page-hierarchy/parent-page/entry[@id={$page_id}]/url-handle" 159: ));

any ideas?


Have you tried the updated language field extension?

Thanks alot Nils...it was just updated yesterday! hehe.

Any idea why in my own custom extension Im getting

"array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given.

An error occurred in \xampp\htdocs\mysite\extensions\myextension\extension.driver.php around line 159 "

after updating to Symphony 2.2?

Has there been any core changes that would effect this?

* 154: $url = ''; * 155: do { * 156: // Get handle and PREpend to URL * 157: $this_handle = (string)@array_pop(extension_custom::$xml->xpath( * 158: "/data/page-hierarchy/parent-page/entry[@id={$page_id}]/url-handle" * 159: )); * 160: $url = '/' . $this_handle . $url; * 161: //echo "Looking for page: {$page_id}, found handle: {$this_handle}<br/>"; * 162: * 163: // See if it has a parent

Thanks as always :)

S2.2 introduces some stricter error handling which can be switched off in the config.php file.

In your case, it's as the error suggests, the array_pop function expects an array, and your passing it a boolean value, so it's failing.

Thanks Brendo! Updated my custom extension now. I updated all the extensions Im using. Since its just a standalone and not using git Im just replacing the folders with the updated ones. A bit cumbersome I know but until I get the hang of git ill move in that direction.

Having said that, I am now seeing a blank page when I log into the backend. In addition when I load the website, the css, javascript seems to be messed up. It seems only part of the website is loading.

I am not having much luck with updating and I have followed Jonas Downey's article to the detail.

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