Hey gang, I'm stumped on this and wondering if anyone has some ideas. Since upgrading to 2.2 my site's contact form at has stopped working, but only for anonymous users. If I login to Symphony as an author and try it, it works fine. It's pretty much as simple as possible: three fields, saving to a Messages section. (The form is supposed to redirect or fail after submit.)

I've tried recreating the Save Message event and reattaching to the page, no luck there.

I'm having difficulty troubleshooting since as anonymous, you can't get to debug info. After submitting, the page simply reloads with no POST data showing up in Firebug. I'm starting to think it's a permissions issue since it works when logged in.

Any thoughts?

Do you have any extensions installed? Members — have you enabled permissions for that event? Any errors in the log files /manifest/logs?

Yeah, a lot of extensions, but nothing related to permissions / Members that I'm aware of.

If CacheLite ext. installed try turn it off.

Aha! CacheLite appears to be the culprit; disabled it and now it's working again. Cheers to @true but now wondering what's up with CacheLite.

Does the entry get saved but no email, or nothing at all?

Go into the event PHP file, where it returns $result try:

echo $result->generate(true); die;

This should dump out the result XMLElement as plain text.

check this and read the section "Flushing the cache when content changes"

Interesting, I did not know about that. I'll fiddle with the settings when I have more time. Thanks again!

Or exclude it from caching entirely in System > Preferences.

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