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A new extension, "Custom Field Captions" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Awesome! Have thought about this for a long time - look forward to trying it out.

Fantastic idea, brendo! And a great implementation as well.

Works like a charm. Two words: thank you!

Like a charm? I already broke it! :-)

If I add a new field to a section, I get a fatal error:

Could not find Field  at /field..php. If the Field was provided by an Extension, ensure that it is installed, and enabled.
/var/www/maschine/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.fieldmanager.php line 343

338         if(!isset(self::$_pool[$type])){
339             $classname = $this->__getClassName($type);
340             $path = $this->__getDriverPath($type);
342             if(!file_exists($path)){
343                 throw new Exception(
344                     __(
345                         'Could not find Field %1$s at %2$s. If the Field was provided by an Extension, ensure that it is installed, and enabled.',
346                         array($type, $path)
347                     )

I didn't know where to post this. @brendo: Do you prefer GitHub or the issue tracker on the Sympbony website (as posted in the initial post)?

Github please, I've updated original post to reflect it.

I'll look into that bug asap.


I've been wishing for something like this for a while, but have always been to lazy to do anything about it. Thanks for reinforcing my lazy attitude @brendo (and @ahwayakchih apparently :P )

Yeah, yeah yeah!!! GREAT WORK! :)

Any news on the fatal error described by @michael-e ?

Custom Field Captions updated to version 0.3 on 22nd of May 2011

@duhpc @michael-e Version 0.3 fixes that lazy bug.

This is great Brendo. It is the difference between having to provide someone CMS notes or not, so will save me lots of time.

One possible issue, it seems that the caption doesn't show up on file upload fields which are required. It just seems to be that field type.

Will log in issue tracker.

Custom Field Captions updated to version 0.3.1 on 3rd of June 2011


  • Allows CFC to work on fields with differing structures (Author/SBL/Upload field for example) [Fixes #3]
  • Javascript tweak to back out if no Caption has been added for a field

Thanks Brendo. Works great for me now :-)

No worries, glad it's useful for you :)

Custom Field Captions updated to version 0.3.2 on 13th of August 2011

What happened to this lovely extension? I am using it in nearly all my projects. But it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of Symphony?

You don’t really need it anymore since you can define field names and handles separately. Of course it’s sometimes nice to have more possibilities, personally I’m not missing it much though.

Yeah, you might be right. The only thing I dislike is the table column headers in the entries overview. If the labels are too long, it won't look very good.

You can always use your own Backend Assets to prettify stuff in the backend you don’t like :)

Ah cool, didn't know that. Cheers!

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