Hello everyone.

I have the following Datasource with a date filter:

later than {-6 hours}

So if the entries Date would be 23rd May 2011 4pm it would still be fetched until 10pm

So now the odd thing. On 2.1.1 it all works as expected. But on 2.2.1 (on a different server and on localhost) it only works as expected if added -24h meaning {-30 hours}

I checked the server Timezone and the Symphony Timezone, they both show the same Time and Timezones in the debug params.

Any ideas? Were there any changes?

Thank you all!

Could it be this issue?

I guess it's that, but I can't resolve it... I tried niels recommendation but it didn't work for me also equal to or earlier than now doesn't work for my case either. Guess I'm kinda stuck, and sofar it doesn't seem to be just 24 hours behind, it's more like two days?! weird huh?

later than {-6 hours}

Is there a reason why you are using curly braces in your example?

it always worked that way :) I think I got it from an old thread here on the forums... So it doesn't matter with or without curly braces?

So it doesn't matter with or without curly braces?

Only {$parameters} get put in curly braces.

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