I'm kind of abusing the forum, but I noticed that there are many active UX designers / front-end developers using Symphony... and it happens to be that we have an opening for both positions!

I work for the Amsterdam based company called Funda Real Estate, which is the largest real estate website in the Netherlands. We have multiple websites, including (consumer real estate) and (corporate).

Our sites lists process 350.000 unique visitors and over 10 million page views per day. The UX team is responsible for all designs, specifications and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

To complement our team we have two job openings: a UX designer (responsible for requirements gathering, creating specifications and translating them in wireframes and designs) and a Front-End designer (responsible for translating the designs into HTML / CSS / JavaScript).

If you are interested in any of these job openings, feel free to comment! This offer is not limited to dutch speaking applicants!

@remie is this a full-time position and/or are you interested in working with freelance front-enders? Also: will this possibly include working with Symphony? :P

@david: sorry, full-time only :) Unfortunately we are stuck with Umbraco, I'm still trying to convince everybody to switch to Symphony!

I don't think this is appropriate. Symphony job postings are welcome.

In that case, my apologies and please close / delete this thread.

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