I've been getting a ton of garbage messages on my Symphony contact forms recently. I have Askimet installed, but these messages are incoherent with random strings of text and they get through.

Is there an easy way to help stop this comment form spam? Some sort of trick or event that isn't as bad as a captcha?

What do other people use to help with this? Is there an easy thing to block bots? Can of Spam extension good for this?


I haven't used it in any large-scale websites yet, but the "honeypot" technique has been working out pretty well for me. No annoying captchas, hidden field to trick spam bots. There's a post floating around the forums that shows how to use it with Symphony Events.

Usually I tend to go for Ajax based events. Submitted through JavaScript with onclick events. Since the post location is not part of the form I tend to get a lot less spam. Obviously if the guy writes it manually in your website it would still submit. So far reduced plenty of spam like that.

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