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Hi all,

A fews days ago I noticed an error code: '500 Internal Server Error' on a shared hosting site of mine. I quickly found out that it was Symphony that created this problem. I deleted everything from the FTP and everything was fine again. Installed a clean Symphony and again I got the 500 error code. Last week the website was running perfectly.

  • A clean Symphony upload on the FTP resulted in just 500 error codes.
  • The installed Symphony package of the website gave me an infinite loop error from my browser. Deleting or minimizing the .htaccess file changed this into the 500 error again.

Removed some lines from the .htacces but nothing seemed to do the trick. The current PHP version on the server is 5.2.17 and Apache 2.2.16.

What do do?


What version of Symphony are you running?

Would this have anything to do with not having PHP compiled with the JSON extension? I had a problem with a similar set up on shared hosting.

Edit: Probably not, because you said "sudden".

@phoque: I was using Symphony 2.2.3 but I used multiple older versions of Symphony for a clean install test and they all refused with the 500 error code.

@bauhouse: Yes I read you thread, I'm am not sure...maybe the hosting provider decided to update something? So it could be the case, but I don't know how to change the php.ini settings. It's a shared hosted site.

I also encountered the following errors in the errorlog:

PHP Warning:  Module 'apc' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 Premature end of script headers: index.php

Maybe it has something to do with the issue?

Anyone know what the problem could be?

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