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I don't think "URL Parameters" should be able to be changed.

alt text

They should be a part of the Symphony core up to 100 (or infinite) parameters with a very basic and raw naming convention. I use..


It makes code reusable and is one fewer thing to customize or go wrong..

Hm, no rather not. I always find it very useful to name them exactly what they are (category, article, author, etc). This makes my filters on datasources understandable (why am I filtering on pt5 again? vs why am I filtering on author again?), which is pretty useful if you have lots of them.

Also, it makes my code reusable, because I can use the same parameter in different places at different pages: articles/author/huib and authors/huib should both show my general information, so I can use one datasource for this, even if the parameter is not at the same location.

If we take the predefined, generic URL schema approach:

  • it will make it very difficult to debug on large projects, especially if more than one developer is working on it.
  • the system can no longer automatically throw 404 errors if an URL goes out of scope.
  • it may open the system up to potential vulnerabilities (at least more than it would otherwise). Kind of like having more ports open in your server than you need.
  • it may make the system less performant.
  • data sources that is used across different pages can no longer reference specific parameters ($pt1 could refer to Entry ID for the blog page, while $pt1 is category and $pt2 is Entry ID for the news page.)

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