Hi there,

I have a very simple site set up for a client. It has one page and one section.

What I want is for the home page to be able to use page params so I can have the cleanest url structure possible.

ie root/param1/param2

rather than root/page/param1/param2

In the past I've used root page params to achieve this but it's not working with 2.2.5.

Is there any other way to achieve this without the Root Page Params extension? I don't have the skills to edit the extension to make it compatible with 2.2.5 and really need to get this working!

Thanks for any help/advice.

Was wondering about some kind of mod_rewrite but not sure how that would work with the params? There are no other pages to worry about but there are images and uploads that would still need to work..

I have used Improved Page Resolve with 2.2.5

Thanks Lewis! I'll give that a go - hadn't spotted that.

The URL Router extension incorporated the Root Page Params methods in version 1.2.

@tim, can you file a bug report for the root page params' 2.2.5 support? This is an extension I use, too, so I would be glad to fix support for it.

Just so everyone's aware, 2.3.1 will incorporate this functionality into the core, see #1351

Brendo opened this issue 5 minutes ago

You almost made me believe this was planned months ago :)

You almost made me believe this was planned months ago :)

To be honest I'm not sure why it wasn't considered earlier!

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