Tried to save an entry and got a page does not exist. Went back and tried again but the page wouldn't load and I got the the error above.

Full text of the error here:

All other sections continue to work fine... any idea how I patch this up?

If a fatal error’s happening to a section and isn’t affecting other sections, it’s usually a field type extension. Sure enough, we have:


It looks like line 158 is where the extension is generating the anchor element that shows up on the page, and $data['value'] is NULL when it should be a string.

Glancing at the readme, it sounds like your XPath for the Anchor URL setting for that field is incorrect. Try playing around with that.

Thanks - This is almost certainly a dumb question but can you give me some idea "playing around with that" might involve? I honestly have no idea!

Actually don't worry - just removed it from the section and then uninstalled (which i'm guessing removes the entry from the database)... and the section is now loading fine.

Will try and reinstall and see how I get on. Thanks!

Also, make sure you have the latest version of Entry URL.

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