Found this link today that may be inspiring for some extensions or even core features.

huh really nice! Symphony minus (-) templating (xslt/xml)

@renan_santos, what inspiration for extensions and core features did you have in mind?

There are quite a few similarities, but deployd seems to be more focused towards building web apps. Symphony CMS is not focused on just building web apps.

I watched the video and did find it interesting but it seems that you have to have a solid understanding of JavaScript to get basic interactions working.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you liked about it that you would like to see in Symphony CMS.

@Lewis, thanks for commenting! Sorry, i didn't mean to compare it against Symphony. They really share a few similarities, but serve different purposes and work in a different fashion.

One of the things i like is the idea to create custom events to handle the data. The Conditionalizer extension is a cool extension that you can do some validation, but not advanced stuff.

Imagine if you could create custom section validations for entry creation, deletion etc. directly from the section screen, using sections wide xpath expressions, count and compare entries etc.

My english is not so good. I hope you can understand it.

I follow. I didn't think you were comparing it against Symphony CMS, I was just having trouble envisioning how some of their concepts that are different could be implemented in Symphony CMS.

Could you clarify "custom section validations" with an example so that I can better understand?

Rules to be applied to an specific section at key moments. This could be a textarea to enter rules in a specific syntax or even php code. So you could run this custom code whenever an entry from that section is created, deleted etc. and it should work from backend publish pages and also frontend events.

Yes, you could also do this with delegates like EntryPreCreate,EntryPreEdit etc. but i think this way it should be a lot easier.

But... It's just an idea!

Other ideas from this video:

Use icons for the fields. Create a link to the api. Allow inline edition from the publish page.

Like i said. Those are just ideas. For some people it could be good, but for others it could be useless extra elements/functions.

Allow inline edition from the publish page

+1 for this this one.


I've often considered trying to make an inline rapid data entry extension. Along with CSV import/export this would really help with that dreary content population phase that all my projects seem to require these days. I imagine it would require some kind of ajax based call to the core section event based on no focus for all the fields in an entry row, or maybe even just an inline button. I'm not sure I've got the expertise or time to make any more progress than some rough ideas though.

Deployd certainly does look very smart, not sure about the 'cloud' style service though. I'd hope hosting on your own solution would be an option too.

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