I am trying to use the Gateway class in an extension to call the Symphony Preferences page and auto run @alpacaaa's Resave Entries extension on the EntryPostEdit delegate, and I'm seeing a problem that I can't overcome.

Whenever I use the class, the output is always the login page. Quite concerned here, as I am logged in to the site, and the code calling the page is running within Symphony itself, so why would I be directed to the login page?

Also, I've tried passing an auth-token in the Gateway request, but that too gets redirected to the login page. I've tried GET and POST too to no avail.

Can someone shed some light on this?

Cheers Brendan, for reference, here's the code.

 * Calls the preferences page and runs the Resave Entries Extension
 * @param Array $data
public function EntryPostEdit($data) {

    $url_string = '?action[resave]&resave[section]=' . $data['section']->get('id') . '&resave[rate]=50&resave[page]=1&resave[total]=0';

    $ch = new Gateway;
    $ch->init(SYMPHONY_URL . '/system/preferences/' . $url_string);
/*  $ch->setopt('POST', 1);
    $ch->setopt('POSTFIELDS', array(
        'action' => array('resave'),
        'resave' => array(
            'section' => $data['section']->get('id'),
            'rate' => 50,
            'page' => 1,
            'total' => 0
    $result = $ch->exec();
    var_dump($ch, $result);die;

The Gateway class acts a completely separate identity, so doesn't matter if you're logged into Symphony or not because it's essentially like trying to access Symphony from another machine.

I am surprised the ?auth-token doesn't work though, I'll double check this tonight and see if I can reproduce!

I'm not 100% sure if the Gateway class acts the same way then curl, but with raw curl, you cannot set arrays on CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS. You would rather transform the array into a query string like this http_build_query($postData);

Tried that too, and also the same result, hence the $url-string variable and the commented out code.

My code above is missing the auth-token though, but I did try it.

I've experienced that remote login using auth-token won't work when using other request types than GET and POST. But since you are using POST, this actually should work. Strange…

Yeah, very confusing.

I hope Brendan can shed some light here.

I can't reproduce not being able to see the Preferences page. I'm passing my ?auth-token (and have it enabled on the Author) and the page is requesting fine.

This is the gist that worked.

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