Hey there guys... I'm experiencing something weird, when querying lots of data 200+ entries to then format them as an xml, xsl is doing something really weird!


<value shiftid="3089">/value><value shiftid="3087"></value> 

see that the first closing /value is missing a <, out of say 1000 there are about 3 that are formatted incorrectly.... any ideas?

Thank you!

@ChriZ - What version of Symphony are you using? Can you please post your XML and XSLT at and then post the link to your result here?

Maybe it's only a problem in the debugger.

Have you looked at the raw XML by using ?debug=raw?

Hello I'm running 2.2.5

the xml i got via var_dump had the following formatting error:

item id="3110" handle="handle-2013-12-00" section-handle="shifts" section-name="Shifts">28 March 2013 12:00

the gist with that single fixed entry is here it is totally fine...

using debug=raw won't help since I'm doing transformations within an event:

$page->setXML($data, false);
$page->setXSL(UTILITIES . "/shiftapp.xsl", true);
$shifts = $page->generate();

$page->setXSL(UTILITIES . "/employeeapp.xsl", true);
$employees = $page->generate();

employeeapp.xsl is in the gist, and apparently it already receives malformed data...

Thank you for your help guys!

any ideas? Can it really be that the xslt processor cannot cope with the data? Or there any serverside configurations I could check?


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