Has anyone ever built a language selector for a website using Symphony?

What level of complexity did you go to?

The idea I have is to have a selector that links to a Symphony page, which will run an event to set the language in the Session for the user, and then redirect them to the correct language page. I believe that doing it this way means that the links can be hijacked with JavaScript to make the process almost seamless, but I'm a little unsure.

Has anyone else done this (I'm sure some have), and do you have any suggestions as to how to work it out...?

Are you talking backend symphony page or the frontend here?

If backend you could use something like Backend Language Switcher; frontend on the other side we use either separate domains or the language as part of the URL, so it would be a redirection, you could always do it ajax based & add some javascript to make the redirection seamless.

I had a good old chat with Andrew last night, I think I can do it, but will ask any questions here if need be.

Thanks guys.

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