Has anyone thought about a Symposium meet-up for 2013? I was sorry to miss the last event and would love to see a European venue this year.

If something's going to happen, it would be good to block out some dates soon. Has anyone given this any thought?

I'd love to organise it in Amsterdam. @davidhund, @kundavista and @creativedutchman: are you in for giving the community a dutch welcome?

Hmm I might even be able to hop across the channel for that.

I've heard that there was the possibility of it being based in Australia; at least that's what was mentioned during the last symposium; not sure exactly what's being done though. I'd definitely be interesting in popping by if its anywhere in Europe; I'd also offer to Host it in Malta should anyone fancy it as a destination.

mmm... Malta is definitely a better destination :)

Amsterdam and Malta both sound very good to me.

And to me.

Although it is a dream to travel to Australia at some point, I would not go for less than 6 months. Plus, it would be the east coast, which is a very very long way.

Amster...dayam! nice.

Your call I'd be very happy to host it here :) I'm sure a couple of colleagues will support.

@remie I'd love to have the Symposium in Amsterdam!

Another vote for Amsterdam!

I'd love either Amsterdam or Malta, thanks for your offers guys.

Another vote for Amsterdam, sounds good guys!

I'd be up for Amsterdam, dates allowing.

Let me know who would like to be the local organiser for this year's event and we can kick this discussion up a gear.

Stylishmedia can offer some help as well!

Oh look, Laracon EU is in Amsterdam as well this summer...

ok, so amsterdam it is. Although perhaps the venue will be different unless we will be able to raise some serious money :)

@Allen: I will be happy to organise the event.

I would love to travel to Amsterdam.

Any news? Are you collecting money? Or should we make it a paid event?

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